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With .NET Licenser API assembly you just order the protection library (.NET dll) and the .NET Licenser Web server comes free.

Skater .NET Obfuscator: Protection tool for .NET applications

Rustemsoft proposes Skater .NET Obfuscator, an obfuscation tool for .NET code protection. It implements all known software protection techniques and obfuscation algorithms.

Freeware Refractor .NET assembly browser and decompiler

Every .NET developer needs a .NET assembly browser. We do not need such tool for everyday usage. But we need to take a look at an unprotected compiled .NET assembly sometimes.


Skater.NET Obfuscator came up as a response to a need expressed by Rustemsoft, which was having difficulty effectively protecting.NET applications.


Skater obfuscator is protecting .NET assemblies (DLL and EXE) mainly from reversing and tampering.


Skater supports .NET 7 projects where the publish output is a DLL file (Framework-dependent deployment).


.NET Obfuscator stops reverse engineering and prevents DEOBFUSCATION.

Protection with Skater .NET Obfuscator

.NET obfuscator is a software protection tool that is completely compatible with any .NET framework/.NET Core and is highly effective in protecting your systems against unauthorized entry.


Compatible with any .NET framework from 1.0 through 4.8. Also .NET 7 and .NET Core too.

The Importance of Code Obfuscation

Every developer knows just how frustrating it can be to spend hours of your day staring at your screen, trying to find one line of faulty code.

Understanding the way obfuscator software works

The word obfuscate refers to something made in a hazy way such that understanding it is not easy. When it comes to computing, the meaning is still the same.

Deobfuscate Skater-protected .NET assemblies

In this article, we will study an executable protected by Skater.

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Free NET assembly decompiler and browser Refractor obfuscationcode

The interface builds on years of experience in code analysis and development productiveness specially created for Skater .NET obfuscator, RustemSoft's .NET code protection software. The Refractor freeware .NET assembly browser and decompiler interface has...

Skater NET obfuscator code protection tool assembly

Developers of software create some codes that help in making it hard for other people to copy their original work. Mainly, the practice among programmers is to make their programs in a simple way. The word obfuscate refers to something made in a hazy...

Skater Private Keys Depot Depot

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Free NET assembly decompiler and browser Refractor server

We do not need such tool for everyday usage. Freeware and Demo versions of Skater .NET obfuscator include the fully functional .NET code browser interface. The following features are present in Skater .NET assembly browser and decompiler interface:...

Skater NET obfuscator code protection tool encryption

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Free NET assembly decompiler and browser Refractor executable

RustemSoft does not table to charge for with the purpose of. RustemSoft Skater .NET obfuscator is equipped with .NET assembly browser and decompiler interface seeing as ver5.0. Freeware and Demo versions of Skater .NET obfuscator add in the fully...

Skater NET obfuscator code protection tool string

The Linker interface future for linking numerous managed executables or assemblies into a free module or assembly. It does the linkage afterwards your central assembly has been obfuscated. Please confuse the joined modules previous to Linkage. The...

Skater Private Keys Depot Private

Smart to set up. Better sanctuary. Keys and secrets are imperative to every .NET app incident, but keeping these self-assured while hurriedly accessible, lacking time-consuming administration, can be challenging. In the company of Skater Private Keys...

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Free NET assembly decompiler and browser Refractor Flow

Skater .NET assembly browser and decompiler interface is a absolute tool for doing an in-depth examination of diverse types of assemblies and also for disassembling IL code towards a supported .NET languages - C# and/or VB. The .NET assembly browser and...

Skater NET obfuscator code protection tool object

As the Skaters production, the transformed fragments are re-assembled and obfuscated with the designated obfuscation criteria. Moreover, in view of the fact that only Control Flows are obfuscated by means of a sequence of transformations with the...

Skater Private Keys Depot Rustemsoft

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Free NET assembly decompiler and browser Refractor interface

.NET assembly browser and decompiler Skater interface has the next features: Supports C# and Visual Unsophisticated; Supports .NET framework 4.0 and fo

Skater NET obfuscator code protection tool code

This is unquestionably a clear intimidation for software producers and thus to total economy. Done the years, more than a few software protection techniq

Skater Private Keys Depot encryption

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