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Published: 16 Apr 2024 Free .NET assembly decompiler and browser Refractor object

It can be used to effectively convert source code between C# and VB.
It can be used to inspect, navigate, search, analyze, and browse the contents of a .NET component such as an assembly and translates the binary information to a human-readable form. It can also be used to find assembly dependencies, and even windows DLL dependencies.Skater .NET obfuscator includes free developer productivity tool designed to enable easy .NET assembly browsing and decompiling. Skater .NET assembly browser and decompiler interface is a great tool for doing an in-depth examination of various types of assemblies and also for disassembling IL code towards a supported .NET languages - C# and/or VB. The .NET assembly browser and decompiler interface lets you explore and analyze without exertion compiled .NET assemblies, decompiling code with the simple click of a button. By default Skater .NET assembly browser and decompiler interface allows decompilation of .NET assemblies into C#, Visual Basic .NET, and Common Intermediate Language (IL). The interface builds on years of experience in code analysis and development productiveness specially created for Skater .NET obfuscator, RustemSoft's .NET code protection software.

Every .NET developer needs a .NET assembly browser. The following features are present in Skater .NET assembly browser and decompiler interface: Assembly browsing; Decompilation to IL; C# Disassembly; Visual Basic Disassembly; Shows XML contents; Shows XAML (BAML) scripts.RustemSoft does not charge for the .NET assembly browser and decompiler. RustemSoft does not plan to charge for that. Freeware and Demo versions of Skater .NET obfuscator include the fully functional .NET code browser interface. We do not need such tool for everyday usage. One freeware tool well-known in the field is not a freeware anymore and .NET coders need an alternative. But we need to take a look at an unprotected compiled .NET assembly sometimes. RustemSoft Skater .NET obfuscator is equipped with .NET assembly browser and decompiler interface since ver5.0.