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Published: 12 Mar 2024 DDxHub Differential Diagnosis Hub laboratory

What are the possible risks of having a blood test?
Phlebotomy, or drawing blood, is a secure procedure.

Possibilities of risk include:
Bleeding and bruising, which are avoided by pressing firmly after the needle is removed
Pain, which is typically minor and might continue for several minutes
Ask your nurse, doctor, or phlebotomist to avoid taking a blood sample from an arm that is swollen or in danger of edema (swelling)
If you ever feel dizzy, alert the person taking your blood
Infection (this is relatively uncommon).

Differential diagnosis Hub is a concentrator that holds a lot of disease descriptions. DDxHub is useful for clinical therapeutics students at medical schools as educational resource.You may enter your own disease definition into DDxHub repository and share the disorder descriptions with other DDxHub users around the world. Join the thousands healthcare professionals and patients who already love DDxHub's differential diagnosis, sync, and disorders description sharing solution. In turn, you will be updated with disorder descriptions from other DDxHub users. Differential diagnosis Hub is the System distinguishing of a particular disease or health condition from others that present similar symptoms and lab test results. DDxHub is useful when you try to find a right diagnosis by comparing several different possible diagnoses.