How to download and install XMLFox XML Editor?

I have just spent a day looking for a decent XML editor that
just opens a file and lets you edit it in an intelligent way.
Finally I found XMLFox - its good stuff, thanks!
Lon Barfield
Usability Designer

I had used one of the most popular XML tool for the longest
time but its growth pricing has made it very prohibitive.
What I am looking for is an XML tool that will help in XSD
modeling and development of schemas. I came across XMLFox
and it looks very interesting and substantially free than
any other expensive XML-editing stuff. Thanks!
Greg Johnson
.NET developer

I love it --> XMLFox
I have to tell you, I nearly gave up looking for an XML Editor that edited
XML like a spreadsheet. I was 10 minutes away from starting a new project.
Having said that, you should consider using a similar business model as
HeidiSQL. You have something that is as useful to me as HeidiSQL. I would
presume that many others have tried, and failed to find a product like yours.
Again, you might consider going to a more open, donation style method for
XMLFox. Thanks again for this incredibly useful product!
Vern Baker
engenic | Automating Telecommunications

XMLFox is a graphical XML editing and validation tool for creating valid, well-formed XML documents and/or XSD Schema. It includes an XML View, XML Tree, XML Grid, and XML Script modes for editing, as well as extensive find capabilities for text and XML data. Additional features include XML and Schema Validation, standard editing features, XSD Schema building and more.
XMLFox Advance XML/XSD tool is a sequel of the well-known world-leading XMLFox freeware XML/XSD Editor. Like its precursor, the XMLFox Advance has the same user-friendly interface. XMLFox Advance is an advanced XMLFox XML/XSD Editor with the new attractive features

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