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A few Skater settings make available to generated names that pray prevent recompilation.
Public members in dll libraries are carefully reserved since obfuscation because they are premeditated to be used in outdoor assembly code. If you are sure a number of of public members are not to be accessed commencing outside, you may be looking for to obfuscate them.
For exe executables you may respect the assemblies to be self-contained, and set obfuscation of all possible names dreadfully aggressively, with Public Members.It makes assembly code reverse trade much harder by obfuscating names. Private and Public members names obfuscation scrambles names of module, methods, variables, and other assembly members. As the Skaters production, the transformed fragments are re-assembled and obfuscated with the designated obfuscation criteria. Control Flow obfuscation discourages rear engineering and malicious tampering of software codes by applying untruthful conditional statements and other disingenuous constructs in regulate to confuse and crack decompilers. Given the previous source codes and desired obfuscation criteria, the planned Control Flow obfuscation works by stale the source codes into fragments and after that applying various transforms to the code fragments. Moreover, from the time when only Control Flows are obfuscated including a sequence of transformations with the purpose of produce alike results of the first fragments, the final crop can still carry on the same execution fallout as the original codes.

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