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The pioneer assembly in the list of key assemblies is the primary assembly. And, if the primary assembly has a highly seasoned name, and a .snk rub is provided, then the goal assembly is re-signed with the one key so that it too has a strong nominate. Skater .NET Linker takes a set of input assemblies and merges them hooked on one target assembly. Skater .NET Linker runs in any .NET framework.But all of its functionality is what's more available programmatically. Skater .NET Linker is packaged as a console application. See the records that comes by the tool for details. As soon as the primary assembly is an executable, subsequently the target assembly is bent as an executable with the constant entry stage as the primary assembly. In attendance are several options with the aim of control the deeds of Skater .NET Linker. For example, as an alternative of deploying main.dll, a.dll, and b.dll separately, you may perhaps deploy main.dll with the Assembly Linker interface so as to is a significant share of Skater .NET Obfuscator. When packaging, in the assembly obfuscation, you can combine assemblies via the assembly linker. The a.dll and b.dll will be together into the main.dll. In grouping with the supplementary features of Skater .NET Obfuscator, assembly involving provides conclusive return for your .NET application by increasing reliability and security even as reducing magnitude. If your executable relies on .NET assemblies, assembly linking is definite to protect your application in opposition to deciphering and hackers. Rustemsoft LLC Skater .NET Linker tool allows you to link .NET assemblies simultaneously into a sole file. Compilation linking is an acute point of any application including various assemblies. The linker selectively links MSIL code putting unruffled only the necessary classes and methods.Also it allows pack up your application effectually.

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