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Present are many reasons why you power want to decompile a .
NET list. Just as a compiler may allow several formerly ends for generating procedure code for different architectures, the decompiler has numerous back nail clippings for generating high next to code in different piercing level languages.If and once a good decompiler for exe and dll assemblies becomes on hand, it will be a well again choice than a disassembler in nearly everyone circumstances. Would you use a .NET disassembler to try to recognize some .NET bytecode assembled instruct It is most probable not. Consider the .NET the human race, where near are simple disassemblers and experienced decompilers that frequently work source and with unimportant user intercession. Skater .NET assembly browser and decompiler interface recovers source code from crashes and change .NET exe and dll to C#, VB.Net, and IL. If there is a excellent decompiler available, you do not prerequisite to see the individual directives. It generates the high plane code in the back end of the decompilation. Still, the fact of the difficulty is something so as to must be unspoken very fount by companies interested in defending their intellectual property: It does not be relevant which obfuscator your product was mangled and. Skater .NET obfuscator decompiler is the best code decompiler/protection software tool.If it compiled to a .NET EXE or DLL, ILDASM hope against hope disassemble it and all your work is exposed to the viewer in CIL. Skater .NET is a far bigger decompiler/assembly browser, and is totally released. It is obvious with the aim of most developers would like better a decompiler, not a disassembler, since nearby is very trifling interest starting high-level language developers in knowledge IL.

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